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Carleton understands those suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, and/or co-disorders have unique problems and situations, all of which deserve different approaches to therapy.

The Essentials at Carlton Program Includes:


A confidential pre-admission telephone assessment is conducted to gain an understanding of your specific situation. Several other assessments will be conducted after the admission process is completed and others during the entire process.


Drug and alcohol treatment for the addicted person is sometimes dangerously delayed because of the mistaken belief that an individual must hit bottom or the idea that treatment will only work if they want it. Interventions can effectively raise the bottom before it’s too late. Call us any time at 877-263-3518 and we will provide names in your area of certified interventionists.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be helpful to begin a concentrated look at one’s own self and specific issues surrounding their addiction.

Group Therapy

As one of the best drug rehab centers in Arizona, Essentials at Carleton offers group therapy. This gives our clients the advantage of being able to see yourself in others, having others give feedback to your potential blind spots, and learning to share true feelings and experiences.

Outdoor Therapy

While at Carleton the residents are involved in weekly outings. These skills help clients develop a sense of self-sufficiency. Residents are also challenged to look at old belief systems and develop higher self-esteem for the life long journey ahead.

12 Step Work

Each person’s journey in recovery is different. Persons learn the significance of utilizing the 12 Step programs in their personal recovery process. We believe the foundation of recovery from addictive disorders is based on the 12 Steps originating from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Relapse Prevention

There are warning signs of relapse long before the first drink or drug use occurs. Core coping skills and issues are evaluated by our counselors. The content includes but is not limited to; relapse process, use of leisure time, anger management, handling social pressures, codependency, communication skills, handling/avoiding high risk situations, guilt/shame, long-term sobriety plans, managing post-acute withdrawal, and phases of recovery.

Nutritional Education

Substance abuse interferes with getting enough of the essential vitamins and foods for energy, growth, health maintenance and sometimes life itself. The deficiencies of these essentials in the body are closely tied to addiction behaviors. Our nutritional program is specifically designed to enhance recovery and assist in relapse prevention.

Life Skills

Essentials at Carleton Staff works to help clients develop life skills as they move though the experience of recovery. Many young men and women have never been responsible for the simplest of tasks such as budgeting. Carleton believes that this is an integral part of long term success for our clients.

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