Why Carleton Recovery Center Succeeds

Carleton Recovery’s Philosophy is; “Just as no two individuals are 100% alike, therefore no treatment plan should be”. Each addiction treatment plan is custom tailored to fit the individual needs and characteristics of each resident. Whether you live in Tucson, Flagstaff or Phoenix, our AZ alcohol and drug rehab program is for you.

Comprehensive and Individualized Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Care

Carleton Recovery provides comprehensive, innovative and affordable residential substance abuse program for individuals suffering with addiction. Our unique substance abuse program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to addiction, with a team of addiction professionals including licensed and certified counselors, a Medical Director and employees who specialize in addiction and dual diagnosis.

Carleton specializes in helping people and their families overcome addiction and the problems associated with it. We can help you if you or someone you care about is addicted to alcoholheroin, meth, prescription medication, and more.

Innovative Affordable Arizona Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Building upon evidence-based substance abuse methods with the best new innovative methods, Carleton Recovery has won national acclaim for the effectiveness of its substance abuse program. One of the attributes of our unique program is the expansive list of therapeutic offerings – we have combined a unique set of therapeutic and holistic methods to ensure that each individual’s interest will be sparked and that they are motivated to engage in their recoveries. We pride ourselves on the high participation rate of our residents. Apart from a core substance abuse program, our residents have a wide variety of diverse rehabilitation offerings from which to choose.