Assessment and Individualized Treatment Plan

Carleton Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program begins with a comprehensive assessment to individualize your addiction treatment and the accompanying mental and behavioral health problems that are very often associated with chemical dependency.

Our Arizona Outpatient Program

  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Family and Social Relationships
  • Lifestyle Issues

We review medications to treat sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and ADHD and consult with your Physician when necessary.

This thorough assessment will also help us determine if you need detoxification prior to treatment and allow the Carleton Recovery team to develop a flexible, individual treatment plan that best meets your needs. As a result of the medical necessity of a drug rehab, treatment costs are covered by many insurance companies.


We provide comprehensive drug and alcohol education and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) groups at our Prescott, Arizona rehab center that include the use of lecture, video, group discussion and homework assignments to provide you with a forum to process many recovery issues. Our curriculum is based on current research and knowledge of addiction treatment and recovery, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), wellness programming and involvement in a 12 step recovery program. In these groups, you will learn how to overcome and heal the impact substance abuse has had on your brain and body, your emotions, your spirit, your relationships and your family.

Topics include:

  • Addiction
  • Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Relationships


  • Interrupt the self-destructive pattern of alcohol and drug dependency
  • Assess, address and begin to correct the harm to health and emotional well being
  • Help you understand chemical dependency and relapse prevention skills
  • Assist you to improve your relationship and communications skills
  • Introduce you and when appropriate, your family, to community 12 step programs

Holistic Approach

Research in substance abuse treatment reveals the importance of the physiological impact of excessive alcohol and drug use on one’s ability to manage stress in recovery. A holistic approach to recovery helps you learn to heal your whole self – to relieve stress and live your life in balance with natural rhythms and cycles thanks to education in how to pursue balanced health.

We include group sessions in to address recovery in mind, body, and spirit and provide a foundation of balanced health in sobriety. Which is why our Arizona alcohol treatment and drug addiction center has been able to help so many people.

The curriculum-based groups help you and your family fined hope and a new way of living.

  • Identify the basic needs of your personal recovery
  • Make effective choices in high risk situations
  • Manage life changes that occur with longer term sobriety
  • Improve communication patterns with others

Aftercare Program

Upon completion of the program, clients are welcomed to participate in our 1 year aftercare program at a reasonable cost. Groups meet weekly to provide ongoing support, relapse prevention tools, and continuing fellowship. We hope you’ll join us at our Arizona alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab facility to get the help you need.